Holy Monastery Iviron

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Holy Mountain, Greece
Holy Monastery Iviron, Holy Mountain, Greece

Holy Monastery Iviron

The founding of the monastery is related to the presence of the great members of the great Ivanian aristocratic family of the Tornian aliens and the valuable services they offered to the Byzantine Empire.

John the Iberian and his son Efthimios, relatives of the family Tornikes, head group of Georgian monks on Athos Witness after 963, the monastery of Lavra, where they become disciples of St Athanasios the Athonite. A few years later, he met the patriarch Tornikios, who had been among the monks in the name of the Lord and maintained a close bond with the most authoritarian circles of Constantinople, especially the imperial Kingdom of the Macedonian. When the chief of the East of Bardas Sklaros rebelled against the Kingdom, Tornios was summoned by the emperor to expel the lonely tribune and to return to Constantinople to assist in dealing with the dangers of the dynasty. (979), he was redeemed by rich rewards, and by the reward of the architect of his plans to construct a monastery in the city.

Holy Monastery

Vergin Portaitisa, Holy Mountain, Greece

Mother of God Portaitissa

Holy Monastery Iviron, Holy Mountain, Greece

The miraculous and miraculous icon of Panagia Portaitissa is the oldest and most honorable of all the monks and pilgrims of the Mount Athos.

The Theotokrist and her lover in the form of the Holy One, there are all the generations of the faithful, who are saved in Her grace, trust their lives in Her, and accept Her purity.

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